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Psychologist in Sandgate, QLD



As many of my referring medical practitioners, agencies, and clients are already aware, I retired from my clinical psychology practice on the 1st December 2021. I have been extraordinarily fortunate during the course of my practice as a clinical psychologist to be able to get to know and treat some very wonderful people. Although I have moved on to other new and old leisure experiences (including trying to play my piano after a 37 year absence), there are so many aspects of my psychology practice that I miss and will continue to miss in the future. I would like to thank everyone who joined me on this twenty-five year journey in psychology and extend my best wishes for you all in the future.

D Clin Psych, M Clin Psych,
B A Hons Psych (UQ), MAPS

Dr Wendy Brown is taking clients under Tele Health by appointment only

0488 430 444